Having trouble with mqueue.in

Julian Field MailScanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Wed Feb 1 21:36:36 GMT 2006

Tim Grooms wrote:
> Installed MailScanner-4.50.14-1 and ClamAV/SpamAssassin today from the 
> rpm files
> MailScanner-4.50.14-1.rpm.tar.gz and
> install-Clam-SA.tar.gz
> Everything seemed to work fine in the installs.  Ran 
> upgrade_MailScanner_conf and
> upgrade_languages.conf and those seemed to go ok as well.
> I am using Fedora Core 4 and sendmail.  I cannot get incoming mail to 
> come through and get
> the following when trying to start MailScanner:
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
> [root at www log]# service MailScanner start
> Starting MailScanner daemons:
>            incoming sendmail: Warning: Option: AuthOptions requires 
> SASL support (-DSASL)
Look for AuthOptions in /etc/mail/sendmail.cf. Try commenting it out 
> /): No such file or directoryspool/mqueue.in
Did it really say that? If so, you've screwed up /var/spool/mqueue.in 
somewhere. Check it printed exactly this. You should have a 
/var/spool/mqueue.in directory with the same permissions as 
>                        [OK]
>             outgoing sendmail: Warning: Option: AuthOptions requires 
> SASL support (-DSASL)
>                        [OK]
>             MailScanner                                                
>               [OK]
> [root at www log]#
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
> There are no errors in the maillog file everything appears to start 
> normally. I have checked the
> folders and permissions in /var/spool  and all seems OK there as well 
> as the path in
> MailScanner.conf to both incoming and outgoing queues.
> Any suggestions?  I'm stumped.
> Thanks.

Julian Field
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