ALL_TRUSTED problems

dnsadmin dnsadmin at
Wed Feb 1 20:40:19 GMT 2006

At 03:00 PM 2/1/2006, you wrote:

>The trouble with making changes in the is that the change
>will be overwrittent whenever SA is updated. I should be able to place
>'overrides' in the spam.assassin.prefs.conf file as the documentation
>states and have them override the defaults.

Hello Richard,

I looked back at the threads for this post after I saw something very 
spammy and pornographic (even spelled correctly!) slip by my server 
last night and it was due to the ALL_TRUSTED rule as well. Is that 
what happened to you?

Where are the guts of what is triggering ALL_TRUSTED?

I don't have any trusted_networks defined in my configs that I know 
of, nor have seen since hunting through configs for this.


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