Attachment Warnings - End of Line Behavior Changed (CR, LF)

Marco Radzinschi mradzinschi at
Wed Feb 1 15:30:24 GMT 2006


I noticed that the CR/LF behavior has changed in the newest version of
MailScanner (4.49) from DOS (LF only) to Unix-type text files (<CR>+<LF>)
for the generated attachment warnings.

I treid removing the excess <CR> characters in the report templates myself,
but I noticed that the Perl script still appends to the report templates
with <CR>+<LF>, which makes it appear mangled on a GroupWise system running
on Windows.

I did not see a configuration option for this, so I am assuming that it is
hard-coded somewhere in the script, or in one of the external modules that
the script uses. Does anyone know how to change this behavior?

Thank You,

Marco Radzinschi
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