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Fri Dec 22 15:13:01 CET 2006

I'd certainly not do that.  I'd wait a few months until they start
spewing out crap, turn them off and tell them they're taking both
direction antivirus and antispam or they can find someone else to do it
for them.

Honestly, any customer that says they don't want yet another level of
virus scanning needs some education, even if by force, if they don't
learn after that, they can go to AOL.  ;) 

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On Fri, 22 Dec 2006, Michele Neylon :: Blacknight wrote:

> Simon Jones wrote:
>> Hi,
>>  how do I configure a domain for virus scanning ONLY, the customer 
>> doesn't want spam filtering  thanks.
>>  Simon
> Simon
> You need to have a look at ruleset settings
> You can change the spam filtering from being on for everyone to being 
> a ruleset
> Regards
> Michele

I'd certainly also apply it to their outgoing and just exclude the
inbound, those that demand thety not be spam checked outbound tend to be
the ones who need to be.



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