OT - ORDB SA confirmation, please?

Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
Tue Dec 19 07:14:02 CET 2006

Quoting Matt Kettler <mkettler at evi-inc.com>:

> Steve Campbell wrote:
> > OT - Sorry folks.
> > 
> > Since ORDB is shutting down, I checked my SpamAssassin rules for any
> > references to relays.ordb.org, etc. and found none, so can I assume that
> > I have no rules that score in SA that references ORDB? I don't use MS
> > for these type of things.
> Actual built-in support for querying ORDB was removed in SA version 2.60. So
> if
> your version of SA is 2.60 or newer, it doesn't by default use ORDB. (Of
> course,
> someone could have always added an add-on rule that does so, but your grep
> should have found it.)
> That said, there is some ordb "residue", that you might find in your greps,
> but
> it is not harmful and won't cause queries.
> Alternate-language descriptions of the rules continued to exist for all of
> the
> 2.6x series, but were irrelevant and harmless. These were removed in 3.0.0
> when
> --lint started complaining about descriptions for nonexistent rules.
> Some of the test-data samples used to test the parser during "make test"
> still
> (at least up to 3.1.5) contain samples that were generated with old versions
> of
> SA that supported ordb. However, this is only used to test SA's ability to
> rip
> out various SA markup formats, so it doesn't matter. FWIW, the file
> containing a
> reference to ordb is t/data/spam/003 under the tarball's root.

Thanks, Matt.


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