OT - ORDB SA confirmation, please?

Matt Kettler mkettler at evi-inc.com
Mon Dec 18 21:34:41 CET 2006

Steve Campbell wrote:
> OT - Sorry folks.
> Since ORDB is shutting down, I checked my SpamAssassin rules for any
> references to relays.ordb.org, etc. and found none, so can I assume that
> I have no rules that score in SA that references ORDB? I don't use MS
> for these type of things.

Actual built-in support for querying ORDB was removed in SA version 2.60. So if
your version of SA is 2.60 or newer, it doesn't by default use ORDB. (Of course,
someone could have always added an add-on rule that does so, but your grep
should have found it.)

That said, there is some ordb "residue", that you might find in your greps, but
it is not harmful and won't cause queries.

Alternate-language descriptions of the rules continued to exist for all of the
2.6x series, but were irrelevant and harmless. These were removed in 3.0.0 when
--lint started complaining about descriptions for nonexistent rules.

Some of the test-data samples used to test the parser during "make test" still
(at least up to 3.1.5) contain samples that were generated with old versions of
SA that supported ordb. However, this is only used to test SA's ability to rip
out various SA markup formats, so it doesn't matter. FWIW, the file containing a
reference to ordb is t/data/spam/003 under the tarball's root.

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