Sloppy error checking in MS code

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Sun Dec 17 15:50:45 GMT 2006

On 16/12/06, Res <res at> wrote:
> On Sat, 16 Dec 2006, Richard Lynch wrote:
> > I doubt anything would quiet them.
> > Axiom: If one is looking for fault one will find it. Corollary: You will find
> > whatever you are looking for.

This is most certainly true, yes. Wietse, Victor etc have decided to
hate MailScanner for a slew of reasons that reality doesn't support
(In fact, when Wietse has been "pressured" to present a list of
stipulations a system like MailScanner need conform to, to be safe
when handling the queue files, it turns out that Jules (in his
wisdom;) already did all that: How to get the files out of the queue,
how to "deconstruct" them, how to "rebuild a new file" and finally
requeue it... So, one get the feeling that it then is a natural thing
for them to move on to something else where they can be

> > It's not necessary to check every possible failure just the important ones or
> > the ones you want to handle.  The question becomes "Does MS check enough of
> > them?".  I don't know the code so I can't say.  I can, however, say this.
> >
> > 1) MS protects over 1 billion messages a day (from the web page).
> > 2) We use it to process approx 2 million messages a day.
> > 3) We have had little to no problems with MS.
> >
> > For us the answer to the question is, yes, MS checks enough of them,

Very likely this is exactly what any type of audit would show too.

> here here.
> and the only problem we've ever had with MS, was not MS, but spamassasin
> (more directly: dcc laaaaaaggggg)
> On this note I'd like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas, and we can
> rest peacefully (or drink constantly :P) this festive season knowing our
> own and our clients Emails are well protected.
Early holiday, Eh Res? A bit early, but ... Likewise, likewise...:-).
"Drink constantly" seems like an appealing option right now... Should
lead to "rest peacfully":-)
And there should be some singing too... Why not an Ode to MailScanner,
some of the poetry should lend itself to music well enough:-D

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