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Thu Dec 14 21:17:29 GMT 2006

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> On 14/12/06, Res <res at> wrote:
>> On Thu, 14 Dec 2006, Glenn Steen wrote:
>> > If you want to act on Gerards advice (to update), you could very well
>> > go unstable... it's not _that_ bad:-). Or go Ubuntu, if you want to
>> This is one thing that amazes me, people post to lists saying blah doesnt
>> work, but use antiquated versions, it should be mandatory that people 
>> wake
>> up, and use the latest versions before trying to obtain help because
>> somthing doesnt work.
>> People should STOP relying on old versions that are called stable by
>> distros like debian and BSD and so on, and install tarballs rather than
>> these so called stable ports thats are a year old.
>> Its like using sendmail 8.8 and saying why is my mail server blocked for
>> open relaying, when the current version is 8.13 or saying I cant get my
>> brand new camera to work but still use kernel 2.02  *sigh*
> My personal view is very close to yours Res. I've only seen grief from
> the few attempts I've made ocver the years to live with the more than
> insanely mossy/mouldy crap that is called "stable" in the Debian case.
> "Unstable" is is in some ways more stable than at least some RPM-based
> distros:-):-). And still not that close to bleeding edge either. Oh
> well.
> But one has to realise that this isn't always up to the one asking the
> questions... It might be the result of pigheaded PHBs and
> miss-directed policies. So ... a friendly clue as to how to get around
> the current problem, as well as some advice ... Keeps the tone of the
> forum nice, and who knows... The asker might even do an update or
> three;-).
> -- 
> -- Glenn

I agree with Glenn here to some degree. To say that something that once was 
the current stable release shouldn't work now is rediculous. As long as the 
system worked with most of the same setup should indicate that it should 
still work. Now if things have changed considerably, that's a different 
story. Improvements make things work better, so newer releases should do 
more, but improvements are not what necessarily cause things to just plain 

If I were to always use the most current stable release, why not wait for 
the "final" stable release, which means I would never use the app at all. 
Sort of like the idea people have when buying a new home computer - they 
want to wait until the fastest machine comes out, but they keep getting 
faster, so they never buy one.

I know these are extreme examples, but I still feel they make a point.

Steve Campbell 

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