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Jay Chandler chandler at chapman.edu
Thu Dec 14 19:00:13 GMT 2006

Matt Kettler wrote:
> Carl Andrews wrote:
>> I just downloaded the Flyer pdf from mailscanner.info an there are
>> photos of a rules editor, spam settings, and reporting. Is this now a
>> feature of MS? If so, how do I activate it/set it up? I have been using
>> MailWatch, but if the features are already part of MS I would rather use
>> those.
> If you zoom in really close, those pictures are of mailwatch and other FSL tools
> related to MailScanner.. It even says "MailWatch" in the title bar of the
> "Reporting" picture.
> The boundaries between MailScanner, MailWatch, FSL tools, and Julian's clam/sa
> bundle are often ignored when discussing the features of Mailscanner.
> I think a lot of that probably comes from Julian viewing them as things that "go
> together" (which they do), and that's the way the commercial offerings are packaged.
> This ends up causing Julian to often refer to the whole ball of wax as
> "MailScanner", although more accurate might be "A complete MailScanner system
> with associated tools" or "the MailScanner suite".
> I don't think the blurring is inherently bad, but it does occasionally cause
> confusion. Not long ago Julian and I had an extended exchange about the
> MailScanner install process, and he was actually talking about the clam/sa
> bundle install process.
I don't suppose anyone's ported MailWatch or the FSL tools to FreeBSD 
yet, have they?  I did some digging and couldn't find anything.

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