Web Interface?

Matt Kettler mkettler at evi-inc.com
Thu Dec 14 18:49:34 GMT 2006

Carl Andrews wrote:
> I just downloaded the Flyer pdf from mailscanner.info an there are
> photos of a rules editor, spam settings, and reporting. Is this now a
> feature of MS? If so, how do I activate it/set it up? I have been using
> MailWatch, but if the features are already part of MS I would rather use
> those.

If you zoom in really close, those pictures are of mailwatch and other FSL tools
related to MailScanner.. It even says "MailWatch" in the title bar of the
"Reporting" picture.

The boundaries between MailScanner, MailWatch, FSL tools, and Julian's clam/sa
bundle are often ignored when discussing the features of Mailscanner.

I think a lot of that probably comes from Julian viewing them as things that "go
together" (which they do), and that's the way the commercial offerings are packaged.

This ends up causing Julian to often refer to the whole ball of wax as
"MailScanner", although more accurate might be "A complete MailScanner system
with associated tools" or "the MailScanner suite".

I don't think the blurring is inherently bad, but it does occasionally cause
confusion. Not long ago Julian and I had an extended exchange about the
MailScanner install process, and he was actually talking about the clam/sa
bundle install process.

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