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Thu Dec 14 13:00:57 GMT 2006

On Thu, 14 Dec 2006, Glenn Steen wrote:

> If you want to act on Gerards advice (to update), you could very well
> go unstable... it's not _that_ bad:-). Or go Ubuntu, if you want to

This is one thing that amazes me, people post to lists saying blah doesnt 
work, but use antiquated versions, it should be mandatory that people wake 
up, and use the latest versions before trying to obtain help because 
somthing doesnt work.

People should STOP relying on old versions that are called stable by 
distros like debian and BSD and so on, and install tarballs rather than 
these so called stable ports thats are a year old.

Its like using sendmail 8.8 and saying why is my mail server blocked for 
open relaying, when the current version is 8.13 or saying I cant get my 
brand new camera to work but still use kernel 2.02  *sigh*


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