Is this really how bayes+autolearn works?

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> Scott Silva a écrit :
> > I don't think that a bare spamassassin install is going to be 
> > sufficient anymore. At least until they add more rules.
> > I'm always looking to find something that can catch that 
> extra percent 
> > or so of messages, without too high of a processing cost. 
> But the best 
> > bang for the buck has been dropping at the MTA anything in sbl+xbl. 
> > That is over 75% of the traffic not even needing to be run 
> through spamassassin.
> >   
> Same here!  I was blocking with and 
> added last week.  What a difference!  
> The number of blocked connections is quite impressive: close 
> to 400K messages/day!!!
> Denis

I'll 'third' that -- towards the end of november our inbound message rate climbed steeply to 180k/day with a lot of false negatives -- I added sbl+xbl around December 1st with a rejection response refering to a specific web page for tracking and was delighted and surprised by the result.  The 180k msgs/day rate dropped down to 60k immediately and so far only one person's loaded the tracking URL (and that person didn't go ahead and report a false positive).

- Trever

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