Is this really how bayes+autolearn works?

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>> They scored 10 here:
>> 	SpamAssassin (not cached, score=10.448, requis 4.5, 
>> BAYES_50 0.00,
>> 	SARE_MLB_Stock1 1.66, SARE_MLB_Stock2 1.66, 
>> SARE_MLB_Stock6 1.66,
>> 	TVD_STOCK1 2.40)
>> The first one comes from base SA, all but the last one come 
>> from 70_sare_stocks and the last one comes from 80_additional 
>> in /var/lib/spamassassin/3.001007/updates_spamassassin_org 
>> (auto updated by SA).
>> Denis
> Thanks very much.  I added 70_sare_stocks and got all the same hits,
> except of course the TVD_STOCK1 rule.
> I'm not presently using rules_du_jour or sa-update.  Am I correct in
> guessing that your
> /var/lib/spamassassin/3.001007/updates_spamassassin_org directory is a
> sign that you're using sa-update, or is that generated from something
> else?
> I've been avoiding SARE, rules_du_jour, and sa-update on the theory that
> I don't have time to catch misbehaving auto-updated rules before they
> wreak havoc, and that  there aren't as many eyes watching those rules to
> raise an alarm if a rule is bad.  I guess it's time to reconsider that
> theory...
> - Trever
I do not use rules_du_jour either because my boss wants to review the 
changes before they are put into production (don't laugh!)... so I fetch 
them into a temp directory and send out an email whenever one rule 
changed.  If I don't get any comment from my boss, the rules are moved 
into production on the next day.  So far this system saved me some 
trouble when there was a problem with one SARE rule: I just deleted the 
file in my temp directory and waited for the corrected version to appear 
on the next day.

I don't run sa-update either (it is disabled, but I think I will enable 
it).  So my files were probably installed at the same time I installed 
SA 3.1.7.


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