OT: mail server /var/mail

Sujith Emmanuel sujithem at cdacb.ernet.in
Wed Dec 13 08:45:10 GMT 2006

Dear all,

     Sorry for the OT topic, but i thought it'll hard to look for better
mailadmins outside this group.
     I have a mail server on solaris 2.8. Sometimes my /var/mail/ folder
becomes very big. As far as my little knowledge is concerned, /var/mail is
used for storing unread mails and /export/home for actual mbox after reading
the mail. But even after people reads their mail, it is still left at
     What i do now when the size becomes huge is to ask the users to delete
some of their mails. Can anyone point me in the right direction? btw, most
of the users use pine for checking mail.

Thanks and Regards
Sujith Emmanuel
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