Exchange Chokes on MailScanner Headers?

Jay Chandler chandler at
Tue Dec 12 00:22:20 GMT 2006

Our Exchange guy (hidden safely behind the Mailscanner frontend that 
faces the outside world) has recently been complaining about the 
following recurring error in his logs:

Failed to create a new named property for database "Chapman Exchange 
Storage Group\Chapman Mailbox Store (CLUSTER1)" because the number of 
named properties reached the quota limit (11575).
 User attempting to create the named property: "SYSTEM"
 Named property GUID: 00020386-0000-0000-c000-000000000046
 Named property name/id: "X-Chapman-MailScanner"

EventID: 9667

Anyone seen this and have a quick fix before I go tearing into the 
crapulence known as the MS Knowledge Base and figure out Exchange's 


Jay Chandler
Network Administrator, Chapman University
714.628.7249 / chandler at
Today's Excuse: SCSI Chain overterminated 

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