Quarantine Dir on Web Server

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Fri Dec 8 23:32:09 GMT 2006


Initially I would look in the directory to see if any files are being put in there... rather than guessing that they might be there.

ls /var/www/html/quarantine
du /var/www/html/quarantine

Will indicate if  /var/www/html/quarantine  is empty or not...

If there are items in there... then I would look at permissions as the next step.

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Dear All, 

I wanted to put the Quarantine directory on a browsable directory of the Apache. 

I have set the "Quarantine Directory" as /var/www/html/quarantine 

And when I go at http://MailScanner/quarantine I don't see nothing. On the other hand if I create a directory on my own mkdir /var/www/html/quarantine/test, I can see the directory but can't see 20061207 etc directories. I am pretty sure that they are there.. 

Please help. 

With best regards, 


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