Way OT... Anyone having DNS Problems today?

Ken Goods KGoods at AIAInsurance.com
Fri Dec 8 21:39:36 GMT 2006

Glenn Steen wrote:


> You mention a proxy, so... look long and hard at that one (not just
> DNS cache). Also, what's your upstream, in regard to DNS? Using any
> generic 
> forwarders? Might be them being "poisoned" too...
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Yes... it looks like there's some kind of boogie man between the proxy (MS
2.0) and DNS also the dreaded MS product (both on the same box). I telnetted
into the MailScanner box and did a dig and host to yahoo.com and both
resolve correctly using the same MS DNS server so it's only our internal
people (behind the proxy) that are affected. Querying the DNS server from
outside produces the correct responses. But since that's also our web server
and Exchange server I'll have to wait until later to reboot it.

Upstream are the root servers.... ;) no generic forwarders... it's all the
dumb MS box! :) It's still looks like it was caused initially by DNS
poisoning (something I can't fix on the version of DNS I'm running). Last
time it happened (early spring this year) I just cleared the cache and
blocked the offending IP's at the firewall.

Thanks for you input.
Kind regards,

Ken Goods
Network Administrator
AIA/CropUSA Insurance, Inc.

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