Allowing .pr3 files through

Michael Mansour micoots at
Fri Dec 8 04:54:35 GMT 2006


I have a person who receives these various .pr3 files. These files are patches for the software they run. They receive them as zip files but the pr3's are contained in the zip.

Mailscanner quarantines these files with "No programs allowed" but I would like to allow them in for this particular domain.

I have their setup as:

allow   \.pr3$          -       -

at the end of the file, but that does not seem to work.

My guess is that it's matching it from these two rules:  ELF             No executables          No programs allowed  executable      No executables          No programs allowed

since they're the only files I can grep through with the "No programs allowed" statements.

Any ideas what I can edit/do to allow these types of files through?



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