Emails getting tagged as Disarmed

Jim Scott jscott at
Thu Dec 7 19:07:31 GMT 2006

Jim Scott wrote:
>> Did you run "upgrade_MailScanner_conf " to see any new options and 
>> add to the
>> conf file?
>> Run "MailScanner --changed" to see anything you have changed from the 
>> defaults.
>> -- 
> Here is what it shows for disarmed when I ran the check. Notice I have 
> my settings set to NO for disarmedmodifysubject.
> contentmodifysubject               start          yes
> disarmedmodifysubject              start          no
Anyone have any input on my issue? We have been running these servers 
for a very long time and this only started after the recent upgrade. My 
settings seem to clearly show that I am not modifying the subject for 
messages that are disarmed yet I am getting emails tagged with Disarmed 
in the subject.

Jim Scott
Infoconex Online Services

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