using Vispan with MailScanner

Aaron K. Moore amoore at
Thu Dec 7 17:43:59 GMT 2006

Richard D Alloway wrote:
> I've been using vispan for a few weeks now and have modified it to
> support RBLs via rbldnsd (or compatible).
> I like this approach since blocking via IPTables does tell legitimate
> email senders (using a blocked server) simply fails without any
> information about who to contact about removing the ban, etc.
> The good points for using the IPTables method is that the connection
> is never established to the MTA, reducing the overall load on your
> system, and you can block regardless of the MTA used.
> Another reason I like this method is that you can use the RBL to
> block at the MTA level (any that support RBLs) or within MailScanner
> or within SpamAssassin... there are many options! :)
> I've attempted to contact the author of Vispan regarding my patches
> to 2.1.0, but haven't heard back from the author or the Vispan site's
> webmaster (may be the same person).
> I'd be happy to share my patch(s) with you and/or the rest of the
> group if 
> you or anyone else is interested.
Using an RBL is definitely the way to go.  I only use Vispan for the
graphing as I found it making our access file huge and using way too
much CPU time inserting and deleting entries in the access file.  

I ended up writing a custom function for MailScanner to log spam
messages into a database and then generate files for rbldnsd using that

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