wiki update for postfix unknown users..

Peter Russell pete at
Tue Dec 5 21:46:00 GMT 2006

Rightio you lot :)

I have finally had my password reset for another domain so i can upload 
files. I have uploaded the scripts. When you open them you will see 
proof that i am no good at code, so if anyone feels like testing and 
perfecting the error handling and reposting it for everyone that would 
be great.

I use the Domino one to read the Domino directory to build a Virtual 
Alias map, so you can have valid Domino users and forward them without 
having to use Domino for mail routing. (we have a redundant Domino mail, 
active Domino Application system).

I use the AD one to read the MS 2003 AD and build a recipient access map 
- kinda like a sendmail-milter, but better :)

Additionally i have added the sa-learn scripts that a kind gent from 
this list gave me. They read MS Exchange Public Folders and learn the 
contents into bayes. All you need an MS Exchange (i use 2003) public 
folder, set the default and anon permission to contribute without read 
access, yourself owner access and let you users drag spam into the 
public folder, cron your sa-learn script and Bob's your Mothers brother.

Again it would great if some one could have a look at these python 
scripts, because when i run them the script always finishes before the 
public folder is empty and i have to run it several times.

I have them hosted at

Have fun

David Nalley wrote:
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> Martin Hepworth wrote:
>> All
>> Down the bottom of this page...
>> there's a link to Pete Russell's scripts for pulling info from AD and
>> Lotus notes.
>> However the link is dead, can anyone provide a new link?
> I had to email Pete for a copy of the scripts. I have the zip file
> containing the scripts if you have a place to host it. But we may want
> to ask permission first.
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