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Thanks for the reply - I'm not using SA in my config (separate anti-spam
system in place) so SARE and DCC are not options (I don't think).

In the filename.rules.conf file, can the "FromOrTo" directives be used?
This would solve the issue if I could simply put the domains that I want
to allow gifs from in here. I don't have any problem w/ blocking .gifs
from the majority of the world, just need a couple of domains to be able
to send them.


 - Ed 

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Ed Wallig wrote:
> Hi,
> I am currently blocking .gif files using a deny statement in my 
> filename.rules.conf file to keep the image spam out. This is working 
> great but it is also blocking things that my users don't want blocked.
> Is there a way to write a rule that allows gif files from certain 
> email domains (and/or addresses) to pass without getting stripped? It 
> needs to also allow outgoing email from my domain to pass w/o getting 
> gif files stripped out (girls in the admin office complaining about 
> their signatures and stationary).
> Thanks,
>  - Ed
> //
I'd look at the SARE rules, URI-RBL's DCC etc for doing this. Works
great for me, without touching all the heavy FuzzyOCR code at all.

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