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Sat Dec 2 17:17:59 GMT 2006

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I have just released a new stable version 4.57.

The major new features this time are these:

- - New configuration setting
  Max Spam Check Size = 150000
  All spam checks are skipped if the message is bigger than this. Spam
  messages are mostly fairly small, as the spammers cannot justify the
  cost of the bandwidth for huge messages.

- - The "Modify Subject" configuration options now all take "start" and "end"
  settings so that they can be added to the end of the Subject: line.

- - Speeded up the relaunch of MailScanner child processes, so a frequent
  "Restart Every" setting causes much less of a dip in performance.

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The full Change Log is this:

02/12/2006 New in Version 4.57.6-1
* New Features and Improvements *
1 Added new configuration setting
  Max Spam Check Size = 150000
  If a message is bigger than this size, then all the spam checks are
  skipped and the messages is not spam.
  This saves a lot of time decoding and matching against huge messages.
  New languages.conf setting needing translation:
    skippedastoobig = not spam (too large)
2 Improved install-Clam-SA.tar.gz so that it contains version numbers of
2 Phishing Whitelist is now also used with less strict phishing net.
3 Add of the "Modify Subject" configuration options now also take the values
  "start" and "end", so that you can move any of the Subject: line tags to
  the end of the line in case that is what you need to do.
4 Speeded up the relaunch of MailScanner child processes. So the detrimental
  effects of the delays caused by a MailScanner "restart" will be greatly
4 Released as release candidate for 4.57 on December 1st.
5 Bug in spam handling (spam would be delivered when it should not be) 
  Thanks to Mirko Acimas for spotting and reporting this one.
5 Bug in ham handling (same problem was spam handling).
5 spam.lists.conf updated.


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