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Sounds like a great approach, but how do you prevent aol, hotmail,
geocities, yahoo mail, etc from getting into the backlist as spam sender
as spam appears to come from these domains.



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I put an alpha version of milter-spamtrap up on sourceforge.

I will do more testing this weekend and upload a new version. If anyone 
wants to download it and look it over that would be great.
I am also looking for some input on something. Originally, I had thought

you would have a choice as to only save the IP addresses in a file or 
use the MySQL database or both. However, when I think back to when I did

my dedicated spamtrap I hit about 1 million entries in a relatively 
short time. I think that is way too many for text files. I think I 
should keep the text files only for debug purposes, I think it would be 
un-workable to have it read in a million IP addresses from a text file 
on startup to do the blocking.

    - external editable text configuration file;
    - whitelists by an IP address (CIDR notation)
    - blocks servers that have previously sent Spam
    - fast in-memory cache of blacklisted servers
    - cache entries time-out after an hour so if they have been removed
      the database they will go away. If milter-spamtrap receives 
another Spam
      from the same server, it will find it in the database and place it

in the
      cache for another hour (only works with MySQL database support)
    - optional MySQL database of blacklisted servers
    - optional saving of Spam headers and/or body to show what caused
      offending server to be placed on the blacklist
    - optional cron job to convert database entries to a BIND DNSBL zone

      so you can share your blacklist with others
    - ability to mark an IP address as 'inactive' but not lose the
      so that a history can be maintained (only available when logging
to a
      MySQL database)
    - ability to have one or more individual email addresses defined as 
    - ability to have one or more whole domains defined as honeypots
    - optional extensive debug logging

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