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Sat Dec 2 05:48:47 GMT 2006


I couldn't find the answer .. sorry if this has been discussed already.

I have installed MailScanner 4.56.8/ClamAV .088 and SA 3.1.7.
I have a mail server sendmail (8.13) running on RHEL4 box, users
pickup mail using pop3.

My users ( approx 300 ) use mixed kind of mail clients
Outlook Express/MS-Outlook/Mozilla/Thunderbird on
Win/Solaris/Linux boxes..

Now my question is how do I automatically  train my mailserver MS/SA
for spam and ham. I normally 'deliver' my spam mails to users
with reconstructed subject.

Ideally I will want my users to forward their mails to two
aliases say spam@ and ham@ and sa-learn will
automatically train itself.

My questions :
1. Do I really need to train my SA in that way ?
2. If yes, how do I achieve that using my above preferred methods  ?
3. Users prefer not to get the spam mails delivered to their
   mail boxes.( it reduces their pain of not having 300 junk mails/day to)
   Rather it can be stored in the mail server itself.
   They will check that 'spam' mails from time to time using
   any suggested method ...
   Can you please suggest me any method ..

Sorry for the long mail .. but would really appreciate any

Bibhas Kr Samanta
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