MS queue problem

Dennis Willson taz at
Sat Dec 2 05:17:24 GMT 2006

There could be a number of reasons.... One I found on my system 
(sendmail + MS + milter-greylist + SAV + spamassassin + clamav) and I 
process between 130,000 to 160,000 emails a day. I have two causes for 
this and one is milter-greylist. You don't list that so I won't describe 
that. But SAV will return a temp error back to the sender if it gets a 
temp error during verification. So if the sender uses something like 
milter-greylist then when SAV tries to verify the sender the senders 
milter-greylist will return a temp error which will cause SAV to return 
a temp error to the sender. This will cause the send to put the email in 
its queue to be resent later. However, if the sender send another email 
after the greylist timeout it will go right through while the original 
email won't go through until the senders email server processes it out 
of the queue.

Without more information I can't say for sure this is the problem. But 
is something I have seen myself.. Plus I have the additional delay of 
having greylisting myself so I can get a double greylist delay.

Hope this give a clue of what to look for.

jay shi wrote:
> Hi all ,
>              Yesterday i got problem releated to the "inbound & 
> outbound queue" . I have a buzy sendmail + MS + SAV + spamassassin 
> which handling around  41,000 + mails.I am using sendmail as proxy to 
> qmail. Sendmail server delivering mail through mailertable and 
> relaytable to Qmail.So sendmail server is use for cleaning mails only. 
> My setting in MS is as followes
> Max Normal Queue Size = 800
> Max Children = 10
>              Now one outsider domain's user send a mail to my domain's 
> user at 12:30 PM and my user got this mail at around 8.10 PM . Between 
> this time the mail was in queue ( as log saying)
>              But at around 5 PM the same  outsider domain's user send 
> a same mail again to my domain's user. And my user get his mail within 
> 4 minits.
>              So my question is why the eralier mail was  stuck so much 
> time in  " queue" ( around 7 hour )
>              Is Mailscanner resolving domain name of the sender in 
> inbound & outboubd  queue ,  before  delivering the mail to  user ? 
> And how the mails are deliver from queue ( is it on FIFO base ? )
>              I want tips on handling the mail queue ( inbound & 
> outbound ) & what can be best setting for me
>          wating for ur comments ..
> Thanks & Regards
> Jayesh
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