Viruses being blocked by filename rules, not being picked up by ClamAV

Jon Bates jon.bates at
Fri Dec 1 05:35:38 GMT 2006

René Berber Wrote:
> What version of clamav do you have installed?  I'm not sure but there was
> reports about 0.90rc2 not working with MS, you can revert to 0.88.6 .

> Check the obvious, does the MS log show that messages are being scanned
for viruses?

> If not, then check MS configuration file, see if clamavmodule is set in
> Scanners".
> -- 
> René Berber

Thanks for the reply Rene,
Current ClamAV version is 0.88.6.
Log shows: 
Dec  1 16:31:43  MailScanner[28665]: New Batch: Found 2 messages waiting
Dec  1 16:31:43  MailScanner[28665]: New Batch: Scanning 1 messages, 10461
Dec  1 16:31:44  MailScanner[28515]: Virus and Content Scanning: Starting

... so I assume this means that it's working?
Option: Virus Scanners = clamav
There's nothing obvious that I can see from that :(

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