Batch Constantly Growing in Size Issue

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Thu Aug 31 21:01:39 IST 2006

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If you are getting the output below, then you are getting loads of 
broken connections, resulting in qf files without any df files or vice 
versa. This is definitely a sendmail problem, not a MailScanner problem.

If you have loads of df files without qf's or qf's without df's then you 
can just delete them. You should investigate why you are getting lots of 
broken SMTP connections.

MailScanner does not get involved with the SMTP traffic at all, not in 
any way, so for some reason you are getting broken SMTP connections. All 
the files involved are simple text files, so you may be able to see if 
they are all from the same place perhaps? The specification of the qf 
files is documented in the O'Reilly sendmail book, and has not changed 
for many years.

I wish you luck investigating your sendmail problem.

Bjorgen T. Eatinger wrote:
> For unknown reason, my mail server started getting way behind in 
> processing messages in the MailScanner batch, and the amount waiting 
> just keeps growing and never decreases, but about 10 to 20 messages per day.
> Aug 31 09:24:16 mail MailScanner[5531]: New Batch: Found 453 messages 
> waiting
> Aug 31 09:24:16 mail MailScanner[5531]: New Batch: Forwarding 1 
> unscanned messages, 36314 bytes
> Is anyone else experiencing this and/or know what this is all about and 
> how to resolve it?
> I've searched the Internet for answers for more than 1 month with no 
> success.  I did try using the debug feature, and got zero results (no 
> issues).
> I also tried searching the Archives and FAQs, also with no results.
> Please help!
> Thank you, Bjorgen Eatinger

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