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Brett Charbeneau wrote on 30-8-2006 17:56:
> On Wed, 30 Aug 2006, Glenn Steen wrote:
> GS> How long were you out, and what is your average count of mails/day?
> GS> Apart from it being a tad slow, perhaps, it looks to be chugging along
> GS> nicely:-).
> GS> It just might be a bit of backlog emulating a veritable "thindering
> GS> herd" of messages:).
> 	I let it run yesterday for several hours and my Inbound queue just kept 
> getting bigger. I know what you mean on chugging along, though.
> 	I'm think the SpamAssassin timeouts were revealing and Alex Broens' post 
> on the redundant rules may have solved the problem.

Do a grep -i "New Batch" on your maillog. I will show sets of two lines.
One line telling you how much messages MS thinks is in the queue and how
much he is going to process.

You can also use /usr/sbin/sendmail
- -QQueuedirectory=/var/spool/ a few times to see whether the
files you find in your are actual complete df/qf pairs or
reminants of dropped connections.

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