just gets bigger - no delivery?

Brett Charbeneau brett at
Wed Aug 30 16:56:41 IST 2006

On Wed, 30 Aug 2006, Glenn Steen wrote:

GS> How long were you out, and what is your average count of mails/day?
GS> Apart from it being a tad slow, perhaps, it looks to be chugging along
GS> nicely:-).
GS> It just might be a bit of backlog emulating a veritable "thindering
GS> herd" of messages:).

	I let it run yesterday for several hours and my Inbound queue just kept 
getting bigger. I know what you mean on chugging along, though.
	I'm think the SpamAssassin timeouts were revealing and Alex Broens' post 
on the redundant rules may have solved the problem.

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