just gets bigger - no delivery?

Matt Hampton matt at
Wed Aug 30 22:49:01 IST 2006

Brett Charbeneau wrote:
> On Wed, 30 Aug 2006, Logan Shaw wrote:
> LS> So, to me the next step is to kill the incoming sendmail. That will prevent 
> LS> *it* from putting more messages in the queue. Then, barring anything truly 
> LS> weird, there is no other software other than MailScanner that would know to 
> LS> put messages into that queue.  So if the incoming sendmail is off and the 
> LS> number of messages in the queue grows, you know MailScanner is adding them.  
> LS> On the other hand, if incoming sendmail is killed and the number of messages 
> LS> in the queue then starts shrinking, you know it's a backlog thing.
> 	Good idea!
> 	Okay, at 1:38 I killed Sendmail and MailScanner, then started 
> MailScanner (via /etc/init.d/mailscanner) - MailWatch shows

/etc/init.d/MailScanner stop

/usr/sbin/MailScanner --debug

what is the output?

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