List of variables for substitution in reports?

Simon Annetts simon at
Wed Aug 30 10:10:30 IST 2006

I've noticed this too: $HOSTNAME (or any other environment variable for that matter) don't seem to be available in the config.

Does anyone know if env variables can be put into reports?

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On Sat, 26 Aug 2006, Julian Field wrote:

> My sample report files each use all the available variables in each one.
> If you need something else somewhere, let me know and I will see about
> adding it for you.
> Sorry it's no more consistent than that.

I wonder also if there is a particular consistency issue with "hostname"?

The report files refer to lower-case '$hostname'.  But MailScanner.conf
seems to contain a definition:
   Hostname = the %org-name% ($HOSTNAME) MailScanner

whose RHS has this as upper-case.  (I understand that the case of its LHS
is irrelevant).

The reports we (org-name: DurhamAcUk) have been getting over the years
contain an empty string:
   the DurhamAcUk () MailScanner

This email thread has prompted me to check deeper.

I wonder whether that peculiar "()" might be because the upper-case
(default, I think) "$HOSTNAME" in MS.conf is not recognised.

Julian: Could you check and comment upon this, please?

(MS versions various over the years, but include up to 4.55.10 .)


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