MailScanner ignoring child process limit

Brent Addis brent.addis at
Mon Aug 28 21:33:30 IST 2006

Are you sure you don't have check_mailscanner running in crontab, along 
with an invalid pid file location?

check_mailscanner comes along at a set interval and ensures mailscanner 
is running, I assume by checking pid files. If it can't find valid pid 
files, it starts it up again.

TCIS List Acct wrote:
> TCIS List Acct wrote:
>> I've been trying to track down a resource issue and have come across 
>> something odd.  I have MS set to use 10 child processes, yet:
> Eek.  It is getting worse with time:
> $ ps -aux | grep "MailScanner: waiting" | wc -l
>       67
> $ ps -aux | grep "MailScanner: master" | wc -l
>        8



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