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James L. Day wrote:
> I like having the startup/shutdown scripts separated.  If I want to make
> a change to MailScanner, I can shut it down while Sendmail continues to
> run.  I find myself continually jacking with MailScanner and seldom do I
> mess with Sendmail.  Yes, MailScanner is a necessary part of the e-mail
> process, but I see no reason to tie it into the running of  Sendmail or
> any other MTA.
> I have my Sendmail checking against local RBL's and that stops about 90%
> of the junk.  I can afford to let Sendmail accept messages while I have
> MailScanner shut down.  If you're letting MailScanner do the RBL
> lookups, perhaps you can't.

There are lots of possible options when running the "service 
MailScanner" command. Do a "service MailScanner help" and you will see 
them all. You can start and stop just about every bit independently.

> Lynn
> Greg Borders wrote:
>> Logan Shaw wrote:
>>>> You shouldn't ever start sendmail (or restart sendmail) - you should
>>>> only restart MailScanner which in turns stops/starts sendmail for you.
>>> <snip>
>>> I've never really understood this.
>>> <snip>
>>> So is there something I'm missing?  Is there a reason why it
>>> is the way it is?
>>>   - Logan
>> This is one of the single most common things I've seen when dealing
>> with folks that are new to MailScanner.
>> I too had to struggle with the logic of it at first.  The thing of it
>> is, it's a real change from the way you would expect it to work.
>> Typically you would think, "I have my MTA and it does all the mail
>> work, sending / recieving etc. as a service, running happily in the
>> background."
>> "Then I have my virus scanner, it does the same, scans all activity
>> for files getting saved."
>> So here's MailScanner, it should follow the same logic, and just run
>> and flag all the e-mails that come and go as a service like the others.
>> That's the fatal flaw in the thinking.  MailScanner isn't just another
>> service.  It's a way of life for e-mail. By adding MailScanner to your
>> systems, you are taking the services you know and trust, and turning
>> them over to a caretaker to do it for you, and it does it better. A
>> lot better.
>> Since MailScanner is now "in control", you turn off the standalone
>> services.  Sendmail/Postfix/Exim/Etc. daemons are stopped.  Virus
>> checkers are stopped.
>> All is quiet on the server, and then you fire up the MailScanner
>> service.  It is now the conductor of your e-mail orchestra, and calls
>> upon the other programs as needed, to get the job done.
>> This is my take on the flow of programs within a properly setup
>> MailScanner system:
>> MailScanner fires up instances of the MTA, waiting for messages to
>> arrive. AKA "Children"
>> MailScanner fires up instances of the MTA, waiting for messages to be
>> sent.
>> MailScanner fires off a slew of tasks once messages arrive.
>> A batch of them are ready, MailScanner runs them thru spamassassin.
>> Now any that didn't get flagged, are scanned for viruses with the
>> ClamAV for example, (or more if you want).
>> Then they are delivered/stored/etc. all based upon the settings in the
>> .conf file with another MTA child.
>> Whether users send messages out, or receive them, they go thru the
>> same steps, and the are delivered by MailScanner via the tools that
>> are wired into it.
>> Julian has cooked up the very clever system that calls upon many
>> external pieces to perform at the times needed, and has created the
>> best most flexable open e-mail filtering system on the market. We can
>> use many MTA's, many virus scanners, many spam scanners, and still
>> have room for custom functions to do even more if we want.
>> Take a look at the administrators guide, the first figure "MailScanner
>> Process Flow".  That will make it crystal clear on the total path, and
>> number of tests MailScanner actually performs.
>> It's a wonderful concept, once you can wrap your brain around the idea
>> that MailScanner is more than just an add on service. Bolt on Steve's
>> Mailwatch and you have more than most e-mail admins can dream about. ^__^
>> Greg. Borders
>> Sys. Admin.
>> JLC Co.
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