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Scott Silva wrote:
> Colin Jack spake the following on 8/24/2006 12:32 PM:
>> Nope ... been there, done that ;)
>> Not in init.d ... but its running!
>> Maybe I need to look a bit harder ...
> Did this get installed from the RPM based install, or the tarball?
> The rpm install should have added an init script for you. You might be getting
> it running by the check-mailscanner script in cron.

If you installed from the right .rpm.tar.gz then that stuff should all 
be there.
Otherwise, look in
to see if that exists. If that doesn't exist, then I advise you 
reinstall MailScanner. If it is there, then
	chkconfig --add MailScanner
	chkconfig MailScanner on
	chkconfig sendmail off
	service sendmail stop
	service MailScanner start
should clear it all up.

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