Reloading confs

Greg Borders gborders at
Thu Aug 24 21:11:46 IST 2006

Scott Silva wrote:
> Colin Jack spake the following on 8/24/2006 12:32 PM:
>> Nope ... been there, done that ;)
>> Not in init.d ... but its running!
>> Maybe I need to look a bit harder ...
> Did this get installed from the RPM based install, or the tarball?
> The rpm install should have added an init script for you. You might be getting
> it running by the check-mailscanner script in cron.
I concour with Scott.  I've got a Redhat Ent.4 box, and the MailScanner 
script lives in /etc/init.d and does my basic boot start.
I've since then cooked up a simple bash script that does a sendmail 
cf->mc compile, restarts my greylist-milter, and restarts MailScaner all 
in short order.  Saves on th key strokes, and I don't forget any steps. ;)

You should plop in a copy of the MailScanner script into your 
/etc/init.d folder and try it. Nab an official copy off the tarball 
would be quick and easy.

Greg. Borders
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