Solaris 10 init.d startup failing

Rob Shepherd rob at
Fri Aug 25 12:50:49 IST 2006

Jeff A. Earickson wrote:

> If you can easily create a svcadm standalone setup for MailScanner, you
> would be a hero to us few Solaris 10 users.  

This is mine... works great.

Of course... Run In Foreground = no

NOTE: remove the check_mailscanner cron entry.  SMF will ensure it's up 
and running (if it can be).... The ps grepping in check_mailscanner 
didn't work for me (the pargs are too long and get chopped by ps) and 
spawned multiple top-level MS processes.

Note to users:

1. check the dependencies. I use postfix.
2. note the fmri. site/mailscanner
3. no smf 'method' is required as calling check_mailscanner directly and 
the :kill utility seem to work fine.

I place my own smf bits and bobs in /usr/local/svc/[method,manifest]



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