HTML Scripts etc, now

James Gray james at
Fri Aug 25 03:14:39 IST 2006

Hi All,

This is simply a case of looking at a problem for too long - I can no  
longer see a clue for the clue bats!  In preparation for a policy  
change (that takes effect this weekend) I've been abstracting a whole  
bunch of stuff out to rule files and such (see my previous message  
"Rule set - is this valid" earlier this week).  Now I've noticed that  
all messages with HTML scripts, IFRAME tags or CODEBASE tags are  
being quarantined instead of disarmed and delivered.

I've read the MailScanner.conf file so many times now, I've managed  
to totally confuse myself :-S  It happens...usually on Fridays.

So my question to the group: what magic mix of Silent Viruses/Deliver/ 
Quarantine options do I need to achieve the above (disarm+deliver  
HTML script/iframe/codebase tags and webugs)??  I've disabled all the  
rule sets at this stage and using global options for all users/ 
domains from the MailScanner.conf file and I still can't get it right!

This isn't show stopper for the weekend's plans, but when the CTO  
didn't get his daily news digest in fancy HTML this morning, I heard  
all about it![1]  I'd rather be able to calm him down by delivering  
his mail on Monday :)



[1] - Pulled it from quarantine and he was appeased, but still not  

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