Could Be OT: How many people only accept reverse DNS lookupmail?

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Thu Aug 24 19:04:17 IST 2006

Michael Baird wrote:

> I've been testing this milter
> as well, on a lower pref MX (Spam Catcher). It goes further then just
> checking reverse DNS, it also checks whether the domain actually
> accepts mail, and if it accepts mail for the specified sender.

Just installed this on a test server and a third level mx gateway (that
gets maybe a half dozen non spam emails on a good day!)

Have one question though - how do these sorts of milters deal with
mailing lists?  An awful lot of them seem to send from no-reply
addresses.  Do list senders typically create a valid account and just
quietly drop any mail back, or what?  I can see the sender check
dropping a lot of valid email from lists so am a bit leary about it.  Am
I losing sleep over nothing?

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