Greylisting (WAS: gif attachments)

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Unless someone from one of these services steps up and says they 
don't, then the only way to tell is if users of one of those service 
are getting bounces with the temporary failure message in it.

I have been running greylisting for sometime and I have not seen this 
or had any of the users complain about losing email. Occasionally 
something that has been quarentined as Spam is a real email, but if it 
made into the quarentine, then it made it by the greylisting.

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>> Try implementing greylisting on your servers. This has helped a lot 
>> this problem on my systems.
>> Even if you set the greylisting delay as low as 5 minutes.
>My big fear w/ Greylisting is that a (legitmate) SMTP server 
>somewhere won't respect the "try again later" code, and instead just 
>fail to deliver the mail.  I've heard rumours that some of the larger 
>webmail providers exhibit this behaviour.
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