SA bayes not working / autolearn inactive?

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Wed Aug 23 15:44:19 IST 2006

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> > Relevant config snippet:
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> > use_bayes         1
> In my spam.assass.conf.prefs here is my use_bayes line:
> # use_bayes 0
> It is commented out because bayes is used by default.
> Would that have anything to do with it?

I don't know why explicitly turning an option on would, in fact, turn it off.  Furthermore, this is exactly the same setting (and config file) that is on every other mail server in the pool - and their bayes and autolearn functions work properly.

That said, in the absence of any other options, I commented the line out as you suggested, but it didn't help.  Thanks anyways!

Does anybody else have any more ideas?  It's starting to get frustrating. :(

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