A question about mqueue.in directory

Hakan VELIOGLU veliogluh at itu.edu.tr
Wed Aug 23 11:17:14 IST 2006

Thanks for the answer.

I searched for df and qf files and there is one df file and all the other 565
files are qf.

Is this means that there is a problem or configuration error ?

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> Hakan VELIOGLU wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am new with sendmail and mailscanner, and I got a question about mqueue.in
>> directory. Our mailgateway server is up for two weeks and it has 566 
>> old files
>> in /var/spool/mqueue.in/ directory.
>> Is it normal? and why this happens?
> Yes.  Unless you are getting qf files as well as the df files.
> The df files are generated first and if there is a milter error or the
> remote server disconnects the files are left in the directory.
> If you have qf files then you need to do more investigation as
> MailScanner should be processing them and deleting them.
> matt
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