Rule set - is this valid?

Alex Neuman van der Hans alex at
Wed Aug 23 02:44:43 IST 2006

James Gray wrote:
> I was wondering if the following is valid in a rule set:
> /etc/MailScanner/rules/script.tag.rules:
> From:      allowed-script-senders.txt   and   To:  
> allowed-script-recips.txt   yes
> FromOrTo:  default   disarm
> Then the two allowed...txt files simply contain a list of e-mail 
> addresses, domains, and matches (one per line) that should be read and 
> inserted.  I vaguely remember this being discussed ages ago, but 
> couldn't find any references or examples via is early 
> though, and I haven't had my morning cup of Joe.
No, you'd have to follow:
From: alice at and To:alice at yes
From: alice at and To:bob at yes
From: bob at and To:alice at yes
From: bob at and To:bob at yes

And so on...

I don't think there's a provision in place to distinguish files from 
values, except for things ending in ".rules" - and that's only for the 
consequences of the ruleset, not for the *basis* for the ruleset.

That means (if logic doesn't fail me) that:

From: alice at	%rules-dir%/alice.rules

Would be valid, but...

From: %rules-dir%/listofpeople.rules disarm

... wouldn't.

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