Could Be OT: How many people only accept reverse DNS lookup mail?

Matt Kettler mkettler at
Mon Aug 21 22:41:51 IST 2006

Billy A. Pumphrey wrote:
> Does anyone only accept email that will do a reverse lookup?  Does
> anyone recommend it?

I don't require it, however, I've managed to configure milter-greylist to
greylist hosts without a reverse DNS entry.

Basically I've gone against the standard "greylist everything, except some
hosts" and done a "don't greylist anything, except hosts that match these
regexes..." type configuration.

This kind of gives me a lot of spam and virus control benefit, but the
occasional legitimate site with no RDNS can still deliver mail, albeit delayed.

I've found there's a fairly good number of small company sites that we need to
work with that lack RDNS entries for their mailservers, so outright blocking is
a bit problematic for me.

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