Adding Exchage IMF "header" with MailScanner

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Mon Aug 21 17:50:30 IST 2006

Exchange 2003 SP2 has added a "Intelligent Mail Filter" to allow it to deal with 
spam messages identified by systems like MailScanner or other appliance based 

Basically, it looks for the following header(s):

X-MS-Exchange-Organization-PCL: (Phishing Confidence Level)
X-MS-Exchange-Organization-SCL: (Spam Confidence Level)

More details can be found at:

So, my question is -- can I add this header with MailScanner, inserting the 
appropriate spam score after the header, e.g.:


The trick is, I don't want to mess with my existing header adds, I want to add 
this in addition to my normal ones (X-Spam-Score: XX).  I see where I can add 
additional headers in the:

Spam Actions = deliver header "X-Spam-Status: Yes"

However, it is unclear how to insert the spam score "value" in the "value" area 
that it needs to be in.  It is also unclear from the Microsoft docs if the 
"score" can be anything other than whole numbers (e.g. can't be 5.5 but 5 is 
OK).  So, a way to "round" the score would be helpful.

Any pointers?


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