Thoughts on Barracudas?

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at
Mon Aug 21 14:33:44 IST 2006


> I have had some comments from a few people leaving the mailing list as
> they are ditching their MailScanner setups and switching to Barracuda
> applicances instead. They claim that things worked fine when they first
> installed MailScanner, but gradually more and more spam is leaking
> through, to the point where they have decided to abandon it.

This has nothing to do with MailScanner, it has to do with a basic SA 
install. Spammers get smarter, so you need to update rulesets. No way 
those Barracuda is catching more, in fact, we have a few customers running 
them and we are preparing a migration so they can ditch them....

Its all about maintaining a system, if you maintain a system, its ok. If 
you dont or are clueless, buy a Barracuda, since thats a maintained box. 
Or ask someone to support your MailScanner setup. We can do that also if 
people are not able to do it. We also deliver ruleset support. ;)

If you use SARE you are much better out but even then you always walk 
behind. But also SARE is behind, on purpose, if we add new rules there 
spammers know about them publicly also.

The question should be, can you maintain your system, if not buy support!


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