Some more on AV scanners.

Peter Russell pete at
Sun Aug 20 23:40:16 IST 2006

I use clam, bitdefender and antivir - antivir is german i think and is 
available for free for non commercial use (we are a not or profit company).

We ahve a site wide CA license but i gave up trying to get it working on 

Glenn Steen wrote:
> On 17/08/06, Scott Silva <ssilva at> wrote:
> (snip)
>> I have been trying to get some response from Bitdefender, and so far 
>> it looks
>> like the free version should continue to work for the forseeable 
>> future, but
>> could not get any real idea when they would "break" it. So it you have 
>> it, it
>> should be ok for the short to mid term while you look.
> My thought exactly, Scott.
> No rush, but... Since I happen to have a smidgen of time over this
> week, and might be severely out of time the next couple of
> weeks/months (new network (hp 3500:s and 5412/5406:s) and rebuilding
> the storage for the db servers and implementing a new VPN and starting
> the work on purchasing new db servers altogether and updating oracle
> and... generally running around in little circles to keep everyone
> happy... sigh), I thought it a good idea to start looking know:-).
> Appreciate the input though.

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