MCP Efficiency?

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Sat Aug 19 12:58:54 IST 2006

On 19/08/06, Julian Field <mailscanner at> wrote:
> Glenn Steen wrote:
> > Somewhat more on-topic... Is the solution to this MCP problem to
> > redisgn MCP? Make it use some other package (not that I would suggest
> > any particular one), or ... Perhaps one could use the groundwork done
> > for the phishing net to make something workable for MCP. After all,
> > does it really have to be SA doing it? Just a thought.
> I used SA to do it, as it very easily gave me a hugely flexible system
> for mapping rules onto the incoming text.
Yes, and that is a very good reason too.
But any suggestion on how to solve it is likely going to be rather
icky to implement... So a "Gordian cut" could perhaps be the best
I haven't delved too deeply, but I suppose you've considered doing
something like like a client server thing for it, making the MCP thing
a completely separate process?

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