MCP Efficiency?

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Fri Aug 18 08:52:00 IST 2006

On 18/08/06, David Jacobson <davidj at> wrote:
> Hi Guys / Julian,
> We've noticed some load problems using MCP.  We initially thought it had
> to do with the MCP spam.assassin.prefs using all the SA plugins...
> We enabled MCP on one domain on a server that's load average is 3 as we
> enable MCP the load jumps to 15.
> I'm concerned how this can happen as it's just scanning 1 domain out of
> 100's that does very minimal mail on the server the ruleset is to use
> MCP for one domain.
> Julian, do you perhaps know of any problems with this code in terms of
> speed?  As far as I'm concerned if it's enabled for one domain with
> minimal volume it should not immediately jump the load on the server to
> 15.  I did a watch on ps and noticed the MCP check only comes once every
> like 5-10 minutes for a few seconds.
> Thanks in advance.
Might the load be due to many processes getting stuck in I/O wait?
Count your processes in state "D"...

Try setting "dns_available no" in mcp.spam.assassin.prefs.conf, to be
sure it doesn't try to use any BL lookups, if you haven't already.


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