MCP Efficiency?

David Jacobson davidj at
Fri Aug 18 08:26:46 IST 2006

Hi Guys / Julian,

We've noticed some load problems using MCP.  We initially thought it had
to do with the MCP spam.assassin.prefs using all the SA plugins...

We enabled MCP on one domain on a server that's load average is 3 as we
enable MCP the load jumps to 15.

I'm concerned how this can happen as it's just scanning 1 domain out of
100's that does very minimal mail on the server the ruleset is to use
MCP for one domain.  

Julian, do you perhaps know of any problems with this code in terms of
speed?  As far as I'm concerned if it's enabled for one domain with
minimal volume it should not immediately jump the load on the server to
15.  I did a watch on ps and noticed the MCP check only comes once every
like 5-10 minutes for a few seconds.

Thanks in advance.


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